Welcome to the Practice of Phytotherapy

My practice offers the following:

Professional health care using herbal medicine

Herbal medicine that is mostly sourced from organic growers or organically grown by me

Lifestyle and dietary advice included in every first consultation

Post consultation back-up and support via email or phone

Why choose Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is very efficient for acute or chronic disease. Recovery is in line with what nature intended – no quick fix. Under the guidance of a practitioner it can eliminate the need for antibiotics.

Above all herbal medicine is eco friendly.

What Herbal Medicine can do for you

  • It facilitates body functions by nurturing and balancing the various organs
  • It doesn’t block functions to “normalise” physiological states
  • It is not alien to the body and side effects are very rare
  • It is nutritious as well as healing
  • The chemical constituents of herbal medicine are “recognised” by the body as most of them are abundant in nature and foods
  • Certain herbs have strong effects on certain systems, either calming or stimulating
  • It can be used together with allopathic medicines, which may be necessary in some conditions
  • It is non-polluting once excreted and will not harm the environment
  • In many instances it is scientifically validated by research
  • Treatment progress can be clinically evaluated by blood tests, scans, endoscopy etc
  • The use of herbal medicine strengthens the immune system and does not cause antibiotic resistance

About Phytotherapy

Phytotherapy is the practise of herbal medicine.

Phytotherapy or herbalism is probably the oldest medical practice in the world and is still widely practised. Modern phytotherapy encompasses the old with the new: Traditional herbs with modern medical practice. In South Africa phytotherapy is a registered profession, and to become registered, a university degree in phytotherapy is required. At present the university of the Western Cape is the only university in South Africa which offers a recognised course.

About Dr Meyer

Dr Meyer qualified from the College of Phytotherapy in the UK in 1996 and has been practising in Durbanville since. She served on the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa for 5 years, and founded the South African Association of Herbal Practitioners where she was chairperson for many years. Dr Meyer has also lectured at the University of the Western Cape for 6 years and has written many articles pertaining to Phytotherapy and co-authored a book, The Illustrated Book of Herbs.

Dr Meyer has a passion for the environment and organic gardening and writes blogs regularly on the subject. Her garden is full of herbs and bee-friendly plants, many of which are an important source for the practice.


First Visit

The initial consultation takes 1 hour or more


A follow up consultation takes about 30 minutes

Follow-Up Mini

A short 15-minute consultation to discuss results and progress


Please contact me by phone or email to book an appointment or make an enquiry

Phone: 0829697581

Email: mentha.con@gmail.com

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